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There is also a collection of Hadith called Sahih Muslim A Muslim (Arabic: مسلم, Persian: Mosalmoon Urdu: مسلمان, Turkish: Müslüman, Albanian: Mysliman, Bosnian: Musliman) is an adherent of the religion of Islam. The feminine form of Muslim is Muslimah (Ar: مسلمه). Literally, the word means "one who submits to God)" [Ar. muslim, pl. muslimin – salma, to submit to God] Muslims believe that there is only one God, referred to as Allah. Muslims believe that Islam existed long before the Prophet Muhammad and that the religion has gradually evolved with time. The Qur'an describes as Muslims many Biblical prophets and messengers: Adam, Noah (Arabic: Nuh), Moses (Arabic: Musa) and Jesus (Arabic: Isa) and his apostles. The Koran states that these men were Muslims because they submitted to God, preached His message and upheld His values. Thus, in Surah 3:52 of the Koran, Jesus’ disciples tell Jesus: "do thou bear witness that we are Muslims". Most Muslims accept others as a Muslim anyone who has publicly pronounced the Shahada, which states, "There is none worthy of worship except God, and Muhammad is His final Messenger." This is often translated as, "There is no god except Allah," however "Allah" is the Arabic word for "the God". Currently, there is an estimated 1.4 billion Muslims, making it the second largest religious body in the